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RipRow™ is easy to learn and simple to use, but we want you to be awesome, so here are some tips to get you started.

Adjust your RipRow™ to fit your body

Resistance is not futile (about resistance levels)

Pick your Stance

RipRow movements
Tidwell Twist

Advice from Coach Dee Tidwell
Dee is the world’s top mountain bike trainer, and he’s also very well respected in the fitness world. Dee has generously shared his knowledge with us:
Smart advice for better squats and hinges 
Why one of the top trainers uses RipRow™ 

RipRow workouts
Start with this RipRow™ Workout - Get a whole lot done in 10 minutes
Loose and Strong - 15 minutes of mobility with a bit of strength
Downhill Endurance - 15 minutes of work at moderate to insane intensity
Building Base #1 - 5-minute blocks of pedaling and RipRowing
Heavy Deadlifts (aka ShredLifts) - A quick warmup then some heavy pulls in about 15 minutes

We are constantly adding new tips, lessons and workouts. What do you want to see next? Email lee@riprow.com and tell us!