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Warm up the dampers (and your body)

Warm up the dampers (and your body)

When you rip and row a cold RIpRow, you might notice some play in the dampers. This is normal.

RipRow resistance dampers are simple and robust. In all our testing — and we’ve tested a lot! — we haven’t seen a failure. 

These are “emulsion” shocks, which means the air and oil occupy the same space. When a damper is cold, the air and oil are separated. When air passes through the valves, you feel a dead spot in the stroke. 

The solution?

Warm up the dampers. You should warm up your body too, so I suggest starting each RipRow session like this:

  • Move slowly.
  • Move in the full range of motion.
  • Pause at each end.
  • To warm up the damper more quickly, use a higher resistance level, say #6.

By the time the dampers are moving smoothly, your body should be ready too.

This morning I did three sets of 20 Fours at #6. The dampers started very cold. By the second set they were ready — and so was I.

Get after it!



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Mar 28, 2019 • Posted by Chris

Did you guys get these dampers custom made? They seem really cool!

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