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RipRow™ movement: ShredLift

RipRow™ movement: ShredLift

If you've ever done quality deadlifts (notice the word "quality") this movement will feel familiar.

The ShredLift is the same basic movement as a deadlift, except the handlebars move in the direction they move when you ride. This potentially adds pulling power, and it strengthens you more specifically for riding. Consider it a deadlift for shredding. A ShredLift.

Set the resistance to your desired level. Always warm up your body and the dampers at low resistance. Only add higher resistance when you're warm and ready.
Brace your core. This includes everything from your hips to your shoulders. 
Stand upright with the handlebars in your hands, like you're at the top of a deadlift.
Hinge deeply. Rock your butt backward and fold your torso level. Your shoulders should drop to the same level as your hips. The handlebars will rotate forward and down. This is the position you'll use when you're riding down anything steep.
Drive your hips and hands toward each other. Keep your torso engaged. Fire your glutes. Boom! Your should end up standing perfectly upright. This is the position you'll use then you're riding up anything steep.


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