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Resistance is not futile

Resistance is not futile

The RipRow™ dampers offer 12 levels of resistance, from very light to pretty freakin' heavy. 

Here are some tips to help you fight the resistance:

When the RipRow™ is cold, you'll feel a little pause before the dampers kick in their resistance. This pause is caused by air inside the dampers. AS the dampers arm up, the pause goes away. 

Always start your RipRow™ sessions with light resistance. Warm up your body. Open up your range of motion. Get your nervous system and muscles on line. If you're already warm and moving well from another activity, like winning a BMX race, feel free to jump right into your RipRow workout. 

By the time you're moving freely — through your whole range of motion with great form — and the dampers feel smooth, you're ready to step up the speed and or resistance. 

"Low resistance"and "high resistance" are relative to you. What are your fitness level, tiredness level and current workout goals? You have 12 levels to choose from. When in doubt, start light and gradually work your way up. 

The faster you move, the higher the resistance. Thats because you're squeezing oil through little holes. To make any resistance level harder, simply move the handlebars faster. Level 1 at high speed is a crazy-hard workout! 

The dampers can get hot, so be careful when you touch them. As you and the RipRow™ warm up, the resistance gets lower at a given speed. That's perfect: Move the handlebars faster! 

You can set the pull and push dampers at different levels. When you're riding a BMX or mountain bike, the row phase (generating a hop) is usually loaded and slow, and the anti-row phase (pushing over a log in the air) is usually unloaded and faster. to simulate these forces, set the pull damper (in the front) 2-3x as hard as the push damper. Focus on powerful rows and fast anti-rows.

Training goals, resistance and speed:

  • For mobility and warmups, use light resistance at low speed. 
  • For endurance, use light resistance at moderate speed. 
  • For strength, us high resistance at low speed. 
  • For speed, use light resistance at high speed.
  • For power, use moderate to high resistance at the highest speed you can generate. 

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