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RipRow™ movement: Cornering

RipRow™ movement: Cornering

Did you know you can practice cornering on the RipRow™? Well, you can.

This movement teaches you how to rotate your torso while you lean your bike on edge and anti-row into a turn, and it teaches you how to row (aka pump) through turns. 

It's also an excellent full-body mobility and strength exercise. 

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Oct 13, 2020 • Posted by John


Iam not getting it. How do I lean my rip row? If my right foot is back and wanting to make a right turn, I am pointing my right knee to the right, but Iam also weighting my right leg to get the rip row to lean. Since my right leg is on the inside wouldn’t this cause the bike to slide? It seems that I want my weight on the outside left foot so I can weight the tires correctly. However if I weight the left forward foot to turn right I can’t get the rip row to lean to the right? What Iam I doing wrong?

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