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RipRow phone app

RipRow phone app

That which is measured, is improved. 

The RipRow app is available free on the iOS App Store. Just search for "riprow."

This page will help you get the most out out of the app (and your workouts).

If you've been testing the pre-release version of the app, you need to uninstall it before you install the new version. 

What does the app do?

The RipRow app displays several bits of data that will help you gauge your workouts and track your progress:

  • Workout time with an auto pause feature
  • RipWatts - current, average and maximum
  • Number of reps
  • Range of motion - current and average
  • Heart rate - current, average and maximum via a Bluetooth strap
  • Side-to-side angle (aka balance) - current and average
  • Highest average power - 2 sec, 10 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 5 mins, 20mins

Where and how do I mount my phone?

You can mount your phone in one of two ways:

1) Handlebar mount (preferred).

Attach the phone mount to the wide part of the handlebar, right next to the clamp.

Mount your phone so it’s parallel with the top of the RipRow frame as shown in the photo below. If you mount your phone at a different angle, it might not record data. 

This handlebar mount is inexpensive and works well, even with a huge iPhone 7. 

2) Frame mount. 

Attach your phone to the top of the RipRow frame, just behind the telescopic tube.

We’ve had good results with a magnetic mount like this one. The main issue is the phone falling off when you’re making huge RipWatts. 

How do I use the app?

1) Put your phone on the mount.

2) Turn on the RipRow app.

3) Set the number dials to match the resistance levels of the dampers. The left dial is for the front (pull) damper. The right dial is for the rear (push) damper.

4) If you are wearing a Bluetooth heart rate strap, push the SYNC HR button and select your strap in the list of devices. Your heart rate should appear in that area.

5) Rotate the RipRow frame up and back so the handlebars are near your hips.

6) When you’re ready, hit the Go button (the right arrow).

7) Rip and row your heart out. While you work, the app will display current data. If you pause, the timer will pause. If you hit the pause button (vertical = sign), you can change the damper settings then resume your workout.

8) When you’re finished, hit the stop button (white square). Be sure to hit stop before you remove your phone from the mount or the RipRow. 

The app will display a summary of your workout. Take a screen shot and share it with your friends.

What about Android?

We're not ignoring you wonderful Android users. We're all on iPhones, so that's where we started. Development for Android is currently underway. 


This is a beta test. We’ll use your feedback to improve the app. If you have feedback or ideas, please email

Last update: v1.0.1 Jan 4, 2019 fixed issue with the summary screen showing the last recorded RipWatts rather than average.

Rip[Row] it up,



May 05, 2020 • Posted by Seleta Russell

when the app coming for android

Nov 19, 2019 • Posted by Kerry Beber

Would be nice if there was an ANDROID version. Just got my Riprow yesterday!

Sep 16, 2019 • Posted by JD

Yup…. Need the Android app.

Sep 03, 2019 • Posted by robert zee

Yo’ Lee…where’s the android app?…its been almost a year now!!!

Dec 18, 2018 • Posted by Brian Cooney

Hey Lee
Just downloaded the app and it looks good. On the HRM will it work with a Garmin HRM? I guess I’ll find out pretty quickly….


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