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Get 'er done, nice and quick

Get 'er done, nice and quick

Did you work 14 hours today? Is it dark and rainy out?

Go into your garage and hop on your RipRow™.

Crank out 3 minutes x 10 sets.

That adds up to about 800 reps, today focusing on the moment in a bunny hop when you start to pull the bars.

Make it smooth ... then make it powerful. 30 minutes at threshold effort and a full-body workout -- plus you got better at mountain biking.

Done. Now hang out with your wife. She'll appreciate how mellow you are. 

RipRow™ is hella patent pending

RipRow™ is hella patent pending

informal, adverb
extremely (used for emphasis)

Another step on the march toward awesome:

Yesterday we filed the non-provisional patent application for RipRow™. It covers the original and the new designs in various embodiments. When this is approved, we are fully patented -- no longer patent pending. 

Stoked for that! When your provisional patent is pending and your non-provisional patent is in process, is that status called "hella patent pending?" 

To celebrate, I RipRowed:

  • 8 sets of 5 minutes
  • 40 minutes total work time around threshold effort level (a personal record)
  • The full variety of riding movements, finishing with some big bunny hops
  • Starting with the dampers at #1 and working all the way up to #11.

Yes, ours goes to 11.

Be kind and kick ass,