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RipRow v1 vs. RipRow v2?

RipRow v1 vs. RipRow v2?

Hey Lee,

I was wondering about the changes from the V1 to the V2 Riprow. It looks like the base is not curved in the V2. Is that correct? Could you please elaborate what other differences are?

Thanks in advance, Chancellor

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Hi Chancellor,

Thank you for reaching out.

RipRow v1
Comes with rockers, pedals and rotating handlebars
It can take any 31.8mm handlebar with normal bike grips, including drop bars
Price is $1,599

RipRow v2 
Does not allow rotating handlebars. I do almost all of my training with the bars locked.
The handlebar is straight and knurled like a barbell. No grips needed.
Rockers and pedals will be an optional upgrade. We are currently finalizing those details.
Price is $799

Materials, resistance, range of motion are all the same. The RipRow is such a great tool for people, I worked hard to make it simpler to manufacture so we can sell it for less. I enjoy using both machines. I've been testing v2 like crazy, and I've been training on a v1 right here next to me.

Does that help?

Thank you!



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