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Using RipRow™ for MTB skills instruction

Using RipRow™ for MTB skills instruction


I received my RipRow™ .. WOW! I am addicted to it. I want to integrate it into my MTB skill lessons. I was wondering what ways or what exercises you use to improve the teaching?

Thank you!

David B in Quebec, Canada

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Thanks for writing, and thanks for becoming a RipRower. 

I use RipRow™ in all of the mountain bike classes I teach. Over the years I've trained about 6,000 riders of all levels, from beginners to world champions. 

The RIpRow™ teaches the essential mountain biking movements very quickly and precisely —with no bike and no stress. After an hour on the machine, we get on the bikes and everyone (first timers and world champions) is suddenly way better. Also, as you reach more advanced skills, you simply refer back to the RipRow™ movements. This system works incredibly well. 

As I’m sure you know, great teaching can get very complex and nuanced — a great teacher tailors the methods to each student — but here are some ways to start integrating RipRow™ into your classes:

Warming up and fundamental body position

Great shredlifting teaches people how to hinge, and that’s the A1 key to great riding (and many other sports). 

Riding up and down steep things

When you ride up something steep, you drive your hips forward, just like in a shredlift.

When you ride down something steep, you hinge deeply, just like in a shredlift. At a more advanced level, it’s an anti-row like you do in an elliptical riprow move, also called a RoundRow.

Pumping terrain

Great pumping is simply a series of riprows timed with the terrain. 


Rolling off a drop is, at the beginner level, a low hinge with a handlebar push, which you can practice on the RipRow™.  

At the higher level, flying off a drop is the anti-row part of a riprow. 

Hopping and jumping

Depending on the magnitude of the hop or jump, it’s somewhere between a shredlift or a riprow. Once riders are great on the RipRow™ you can take these skills to the trails (or bike park).

Pumping corners

I used to teach corner pumping only after lots of basic instruction. Lately, thanks to the RipRow™, I’ve been teaching riders how to pump corners in our first session together.

1) Dial in the riprows.

2) Add rotation and bike lean like you do in the cornering and slalom drills.

3) Once that’s clean on the machine, do it on the bike!

I hope this helps. For more details on my teaching methods, check out the Lee Likes Bikes MTB School




May 14, 2018 • Posted by jo

Hi Lee
My RipRow is due to arrive in a few days – can’t wait!!
I’m looking into the moves so I can jump straight in to practice.
What would be the move for going over a log? would a shred lift enable me to get the rear wheel clear?

Feb 08, 2018 • Posted by David boutin

wow thanks !

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