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RipRow review from a 50+ rider (going on 28)

RipRow review from a 50+ rider (going on 28)

RipRow review from the perspective of a 50+ (going on 28 ) MTBer. I thought this could shed some light.. 

I did not want to buy one, i was convinced it would do nothing for me, i wouldn't use it, it would become the Nautilus machine everyone has gathering dust in the basement. But after Moab and seeing Lee and Tucker ride and coach, i figured "heh - why not", i will send it back after a couple of weeks..... NOT !!!

No more 45 minutes of stretching, warming up, weight lifting, shoulder prepping, hip loosening, organizing strength workouts.. 

The RipRow has become my pre-ride movement groomer, pre-run lengthened, post-dinner "i did something today", post-business call "keep it going" machine.. Strength building in context + movement imprinter.

I have always known that fundamental movement is key to progress and injury prevention in MTB as well as in running. As i continue to get on the RipRow (full disclosure: I am using it 2-5 minutes at a time multiple times a day) I am finding that my core now knows what to do, my upper body and hips know where they need to be, my hinge is much lower than it has ever been.. I am not finding a need to do a bunch of strength work outside of setting the RipRow to 10-11 and working through 3s and 4s and turns slowly twice a week = every muscle comes alive. 

I wasn't even thinking about the trail, but segments that i used to struggle with, i don't even think about it anymore, i now have to wait for people.. now this might be a combo of the Moab camp instruction and as well as the RipRow repetition.. 

So kudos to Lee for creating a way to imprint his teachings.. Chapeau !!!

Dan N. 


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