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RipRow is being used by a wide variety of elite mountain bike racers, motocross racers, gyms trainers and badass people.

RipRow partners - Here is a list of gyms, clinics and clubs that use RipRows.

Curtis Keene, professional mountain bike racer

Syd Gerl Schulz, professional mountain bike racer

Macky Franklin, professional mountain bike racer

Syd and Macky
Syd and Macky are professional mountain bike racers, RipRow™ Factory Pilots and nice people. 
Syd and Macky's YouTube Channel
Syd and Macky’s adventure van
What is a RipRow™? And why do Syd and Macky use it?
RipRow™ race simulation: Boondocks Trail at Northstar Bike Park in Truckee, CA
RipRow™ race simulation: Jagged Axe Trail at Glorieta Camps in Santa Fe, NM

Todd Schumlick, elite mountain bike and motocross coach

Aldon Baker, elite motocross coach

Marvin Musquin, professional motocross racer

Zach Osborne, professional motocross racer