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Would winter RipRow™ classes help mountain bikers?

Would winter RipRow™ classes help mountain bikers?

Hello, I wrote you last week about the delivery times. Thank you for your quick response. The more I watch the How2RipRow videos and the possible use of RipRow™, the more I am interested.

I am in the creation of a small company to give courses of skill in mountain bike. I recently finished my certification 1 and 2 with PMBIA. All that to say, I wondered during the winter if you think it is possible to use the RipRow in 1-hour structured lessons to improve riding ability?

My intention would be to have some RipRow™ to be able to keep and practice new skills during the off season. Thank you. Sorry for English. I must use gGoogle Translate. I am from Quebec, Canada and I have some difficulty with my English.

David B

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Thank you for writing, and for being one of the first people to buy a RipRow™. Right now we’re testing the first production units. As soon as we’re happy and have all the small parts, I’ll start shipping machines to RipRowers like you.

The short answer to your question:


Yes, you can definitely use RipRow™ classes to improve both MTB riding and technique.

I use RipRow™ in every one of my mountain bike skills classes, and I use it for most of my training. In addition, we are starting to use RipRows™ in group classes here in Boulder, CO. Some day soon we will offer RipRow™ teacher training.

Last week Coach Kevin Stiffler used RipRow™ in his group cycling class. Riders can stop sitting and step up to some real work:

You can do a class exclusively on the RipRow™, or you can mix RipRow™ into a circuit, or you can alternate RipRow™ with stationary trainers. The possibilities are endless.

In your classes you can use the RipRow™ to: 

  1. Warm riders up and expand their range of motion, which, as you know, is critical for great riding. 
  2. Teach the critical movement patterns for riding down, riding up, pumping, hopping, jumping, technical climbing, cornering and more. In one workout you can get 100 ... 500 ... 1,000 hops, drops or turns. 
  3. Do long, moderate-intensity intervals to improve aerobic capacity. 
  4. Do harder, shorter intervals to develop anaerobic ability.
  5. Set the dampers to high resistance and do more traditional strength work. But imagine doing a deadlift, core work, row and press all at the same time — while balancing. 
  6. Build insane full-body coordination, strength, endurance, speed and power. 
  7. Have fun! RipRowing is challenging and new, and it feels more athletic than sitting on a trainer or rower. 

Maybe most important: Every time your student does a perfect rep on the RIpRow™, he or she gets better at riding. I see huge changes after just one session. If your clients do a full winter of RIpRow™ training, their bodies will automatically ride better. The changes happen at the nervous system level, way below conscious thought.

I've been a mountain biker for 30 years, and it's been my job for about 15. In the past year, while I've been using this final version of the RipRow™, my riding has improved about 30 percent. Everything — climbing, cornering, pumping, jumping — is better in the most fundamental ways ... and it's still getting better. 

Keep in mind I have serious injuries. I'm so happy to not need shoulder surgery any more, but I'm even more excited to see what healthy riders can do after RipRow™ training. 

I hope this helps. Please ask questions or offer ideas in the comments below. 


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Dec 12, 2017 • Posted by David

Yes help me a lot

I will stay on the lookout for new info.

Really eager to receive it to try and plan lesson to keep and improve our ability

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