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Testing … testing .. the RipRow™ app

Testing … testing .. the RipRow™ app

"That which can be measured can be improved."

Yesterday I started testing the RipRow™ app. My workouts have hit a new level of effectiveness (and fun). 

The first version of the app will show time, RipWatts, reps and balance. Ultimately, it will help you track, access and share workouts. Join the RipRow Nation .. or maybe the RipRow Riot! 

  1. Attach your phone to the RipRow™ frame. Don’t you love the packing tape. We have lots of that here. 
  2. Enter the resistance levels of the shocks.
  3. Hit Start.
  4. Rip and row! 

    This screen is from a 5-minute set of ShredLifts with the shock resistance at #12. It's crazy how close these numbers are to my pedaling power. 

    RipWatts measure full-body, integrated strength, skill and fitness. Perfect for mountain bikers, BMXers, motocrossers and really all athletes.

    We are elevating the way people prepare for Sports and Life. 

    Stay tuned,



    Nov 07, 2018 • Posted by Steve Henderson

    Just got my riprow and I’m eager to get started. When will the app be available so I can track my workouts?

    Aug 06, 2018 • Posted by J.J.Meyer

    Hi Lee,

    Any updates on the app?

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