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RipRowing with Syd and Macky: the basics

RipRowing with Syd and Macky: the basics

In case you don’t know Syd Shulz and Macky Franklin, they are 1) professional enduro MTB racers, 2) nice people and 3) a cute couple. 

Syd and Macky take their job seriously. They work with the best physiotherapist in the world (Dr. Dane DeLozier at REVO) and the best mountain bike skills coach in the world (Lee McCormack at Lee Likes Bikes).

They use a RipRow™ for rehab, injury prevention, strength and skills. It fits into their sweet van — perfect for campground workouts. These videos show the movements they’re practicing right now, during their off season.

Move 1: hip hinge

Macky is using RipRow™ to improve his hip mobility and ultimately to make a perfect hinge subconscious. Hip hinge and hip drive are essential for mountain biking (and for lots of other sports). 

Move 2: row and anti-row

Syd is focusing on getting more power from her lats vs. her arms and shoulders. This will make her stronger and faster, especially on technical trails during intense races.


Move 3: integrated RipRow movement

In this video Syd and Macky show how the lower and upper bodies work together in the RipRow movement — and they show how that movement can be adapted for different types of terrain.

We’ll be posting more videos as Syd and Macky continue their shred journey.

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