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RipRow™ is hella patent pending

RipRow™ is hella patent pending

informal, adverb
extremely (used for emphasis)

Another step on the march toward awesome:

Yesterday we filed the non-provisional patent application for RipRow™. It covers the original and the new designs in various embodiments. When this is approved, we are fully patented -- no longer patent pending. 

Stoked for that! When your provisional patent is pending and your non-provisional patent is in process, is that status called "hella patent pending?" 

To celebrate, I RipRowed:

  • 8 sets of 5 minutes
  • 40 minutes total work time around threshold effort level (a personal record)
  • The full variety of riding movements, finishing with some big bunny hops
  • Starting with the dampers at #1 and working all the way up to #11.

Yes, ours goes to 11.

Be kind and kick ass,



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May 03, 2017 • Posted by Brian Cooney

Thats great news Lee! I cannot wait to get my hands on mine. You’re row/ anti-row concept is really embedded in my mind now when I ride and I am beginning to work the trail rather that the other way around!

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