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RipRow for road cyclists?

RipRow for road cyclists?


Does using the RipRow have any benefit for a road cyclist?


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Hi Tiffany,


On the RipRow train in the same hinged position you use on your hoods or especially in your drops. The positions and movements are very much like hammering in the saddle, climbing out of the saddle and sprinting.

Your entire body, from hands to feet, gets way stronger. Especially your core. This helps you ride harder and longer with less fatigue and pain.

If you want, you can put drop bars on the RipRow:

I'm not a great road rider, but I'm climbing faster than ever despite spending less time pedaling. I think this is because the RipRow has made me so strong. Plus you can do crazy intervals on the machine. This is way harder — and more effecitve per minute — than riding a bike! 

I hope this is helpful. We’re stoked to send you a machine.



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