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RipRow for mountain bike [p]rehab?

RipRow for mountain bike [p]rehab?

Hey I’m a 45yo dude looking to get serious about mountain biking.

I've had a couple surgeries for herniated discs (lumbar) but by no means have a bad back. I am very deliberate in taking care of it though and have a regular PT program that I follow to keep things good to go.

I was wondering if I could get your opinion on using the Rip Row for “prehab”. It seems fairly intense, would it be better to start with F6?

My current workouts are focused on mobility and bodyweight exercises...I don’t currently do any mtb specific training at this time.

Thanks for your input,

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Thanks for reaching out.

Assuming your doctor says it's OK (I have to say this), the RipRow is fantastic prehab, rehab and general hab.

As a matter of fact, my doctors at REVO Physiotherapy and Sport Performance use a RipRow in their clinic.

RipRow helps you work through your full range of motion, while focusing on form, at a wide range of resistance from almost none to as much as you want. There is a nice progression of moves too, so as you gain strength you can continue to challenge yourself and get even stronger.

I had some back issues a few years ago, and my shoulders need to be surgically replaced, but thanks to great PT and consistent RipRow, I'm feeling really, really strong — in daily life and on the bike. As a matter of fact, I just took my dog for a 70-minute hike while carrying a 30-lb rock. Couldn't have done that before.

Since you're a rider, every minute on a RipRow serves multiple goals: [p]rehab, general strength, cardio, bike-specific strength and, maybe most important, skills. RIpRow teaches you how to move perfectly under stress — and that makes for good, safe riding.

You know I have a bias, but I think you'll love a RipRow.

48 years old and better than ever

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