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RipRow: A safer deadlift

RipRow: A safer deadlift

Many trainers agree the deadlift is the king of all exercises.

That’s because the deadlift develops real-life, functional strength in your legs, hips, back, shoulders and core.

But improper deadlifting can be dangerous, especially when you add weight, and very few people get the professional help they need.

The RipRow™ is a great way to train the deadlift movement. You can move in the range of motion you’re comfortable in, and you have complete control over the intensity. Turn to damper to #1 for light range of motion exercise. Dial it to 11 for serious strength work. If you pull fast enough, you can get 300 pounds at the bar. That's enough resistance for most people!

If you stop pulling, there’s no resistance. Simply let go of the bar and step off the RipRow™.

No more weights pulling your lower back out of whack!

I do most of my training on the RipRow™, but do you what’s really cool? When I decide to deadlift (or move furniture), I’m stronger than ever. The RipRow™ has made my posture and firing patterns perfect, so when it’s time to lift heavy, it’s no big deal. How rad is that? 

Lee McCormack is a world renowned mountain bike skills author and instructor, as well as the inventor of RipRow™. You can reach him at and

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