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Is a RipRow better than a new bike?

Is a RipRow better than a new bike?

Here's a guest post from gentleman, shredder and RipRower Andy Somerville:

Believe me…I get it. The very notion that something (anything) is better than a new bike is sheer blasphemy. The whole bike buying process is wonderful. Reading reviews, playing with online bike configurators, ogling colors, fondling top tubes in the bike shop and finally rolling that shiny new steed out the door and onto dirt for the first time.

There’s just no feeling quite like the new bike buzz.

So why do we lust for a new ride? A core motivation for many riders is the notion that a new bike is more capable than their current ride. That they’ll rider faster, either uphill, downhill or both. The bike industry nurtures this idea with ever-changing standards and enhancements. Some changes are real, some are marketing fluff.

We all want a new bike, but do we need one? Bikes are so good these days, there’s rarely a need to replace one. Pretty much any bike purchased within the past 5 years from a reputable bike shop is going to be awesome.

Do shorter chainstays, longer centers, steeper seat tubes and 2.6” tires make bikes more capable? I think it’s fair to say these design and equipment tweaks make incremental improvements to the operating envelope of a mountain bike.

But what about the capability of you…the Rider? How do we advance that? One way is with a RipRow. It is incredibly effective at patterning and reinforcing proper riding techniques. Incorporating RipRow into your mountain bike lifestyle creates improvements in range of motion, strength, stability and balance in ways that translate directly to shredding.

Even with a new bike, for most riders with day jobs and families, getting out on the trails once or twice a week is a win. With the RipRow, you can prepare for and maximize the fun of precious trail time.  Even 10 minutes a few times a week will build muscle memory that translates to better, faster riding. More capable riding...the kind that makes an "old" bike feel new again.  

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