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Hopping logs and creating opposition

Hopping logs and creating opposition

Hi Lee

I have a RipRow arriving in a couple of days and a MTB race on Sunday which has a lot of logs. I tend to lose a lot of speed over them. Could you give me some advice on the RipRow method for logs please.

Also, I found some advice about pushing the feet forward/back when rowing/ anti rowing, but can't find the article and can't remember which way round to goes!!

Sorry to ask newbie questions. Thanks for your time.

Hahaha! I sound so British!



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Thanks for reaching out (and for buying a RipRow; you’re going to love it.).

Riding over a sizable log uses the fully elliptical RipRow movement pattern. This is a high-level skill. When you have this on lockdown, riding elevates to RIDING!

You’re asking about creating opposition. This too is a high-level skill, but it should underlie everything you do.


Have fun out there!


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May 23, 2018 • Posted by Jo Hitchen

Hi Lee

I’ve started using my RipRow and you’re right – I do love it!!
I thought I might struggle with a shoulder injury, but it has actually helped it :)
Creating opposition seem to come naturally. I’m looking forward to trying Round Row.
Thanks for a great product. Well made and effective. I finally found my glutes!!

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