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Better riding after two workouts

Greetings Lee!

I wanted to share some quick feedback with you that I expect you’ll appreciate. 

I received my RipRow recently and like many I expect went to your videos to get started with the basic exercise motions. I mainly stuck to lowrows and shredlifts the first couple days but paid mind to your recommendations to push on the bike stance with opposite foot forward to what I typically ride.

My habit is basically now to start and end with opposite foot forward (which for me is the right foot, normally ride my mtb in the ready position left foot forward) and alternate stance for each set/interval. This way I’m always doing more with the opposite stance. 

Now for the ah-ha moment. The *first* ride I did after my first two workouts with the RipRow I found myself in the zone on a flowy DH trail making a hard right turn with my right foot forward without consciously making that decision. One of the first times I recall doing that. Felt great! 

Cornering is one of my weakest areas and I’m optimistic that the RipRow will help me turn it into a strength! 

Thank you Lee!

Ride on,

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That is great! Thanks for sharing.

The real improvements are yet to come. As you train on the RipRow, you’ll get a lot stronger and, maybe more importantly, you’ll burn in some awesome muscle memory.

I’ve been RipRowing for years (on various prototypes), and my riding keeps getting better and better.

Have fun and keep us posted!



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