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Hello Friends!

Welcome to RipRow Nation. v2 is simple and easy to assemble. Take your time and have fun!

Tools required

  • Knife to open box and cut zip ties
  • 5mm hex key aka Allen wrench for all bolt heads
  • 13mm socket for all nuts (an open ended wrench will work too, but the socket and ratchet are ideal)
  • A bit of grease for the main pivot sleeve (optional but nice)
  • A certain sense of derring-do!

Engineer Marto receives the first production RipRow v2


Pure stoke: Lee and Marto discuss the new design and unpack the first production v2


Assembling the RipRow v2 base unit


  1. We are now pressing in the upper shock bushings for you.
  2. If your machine is from the first production run, it has a protective film on the base. This was a gift from the fabricator to prevent marring during the fabrication process; they felt bad about the delays and wanted to make it right. When you peel it off the film, loosen the deck bolts so you can get the film from beneath them.
  3. Do not tighten the bolts more than snug. On the main pivot, snug the bolt just so the flanges on the base make firm contact with the main pivot sleeve. (DO NOT slip the handlebar over your ratchet and tighten that bolt as hard as you can; yes this will snap the bolt.) If you use a torque wrench, don't exceed 20 pound-feet. 

Installing the Pro Upgrade rockers

Do you have questions? Email me at lee@riprow.com.

Welcome to RipRow Nation!!!