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Why is the RipRow™ deck flat?

Why is the RipRow™ deck flat?

Cyclists often ask us why the RipRow™ doesn’t have crank arms that rotate like on a real bike.

The answer: We want you to ride perfectly and safely. 

Every day at the bike parks and trails in Colorado and beyond, we see riders with their weight too far forward or backward, and they don’t even know it. As a result, they get thrown forward off jumps, they cartwheel through rock gardens, and they stop dead on technical climbs. As a mountain bike skills coach, I can see the issue from a mile away. 

What is the issue? Simply put, people are not balanced on both of their feet. When I see a rider with one of his feet below the other, I know he (usually he) doesn’t have a solid connection to his bike, and a crash is inevitable. 

When you look at great riders, you will see a Triangle of Awesome: a perfect isosceles triangle between the pedals and knees. This drives your weight into the middle of the bike, evenly though both feet, and it drives the beautiful violence to your strong hip muscles. (If your quads burn on downhills, you have a Triangle of Mediocre).  

The more solid your triangle, the more solid your shred. Period.

But this riding position requires a strong core, mobile hamstrings and flexible ankles. That’s why we practice off the bike. 

When you RipRow in a bike stance, and you keep the deck perfectly level, every rep programs your body for perfect bike balance. After a surprisingly small number of RipRow™ workouts, you’ll be stronger, fitter and much more balanced (and safer, and faster). 

RipRow™ Factory Pilot Amy Shenton is perfect on the RipRow™ and on her bikes. Notice how her feet are flat on the deck. This takes practice, even for a pro rider like Amy. 

And let's not forget other sports and daily life. Riding a horse, racing motocross, lifting a sofa ... they all require you to manage beautiful violence while balancing on your feet. 

How's it going? What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.



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