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They're RipRowin' in Germany

They're RipRowin' in Germany

Hi Lee,

Thanks for the Riprow™! It arrived yesterday and I think its a great piece of equipment. I am totally sore after my second workout today!

The How2RipRow content is also very helpful. I like the workout tips, the movement videos and also the additional hints (for example the Grease the Groove video... great tip!).

Hope these things get bought a lot, because your long hard work sure deserves it!

Best regards,
Jan in Weilersbach

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Thank you very much for 1) becoming a RipRower and 2) sending these kind words. 

This adventure has taken a lot of years and hard work, but it's happening! I am so stoked to bring this to the world. 

If you don't mind, please post photos/videos to the RipRow™ Facebook page.

Have fun out there!




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