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RipRow™: A more complete row

RipRow™: A more complete row

Rowing machines are staples at most gyms, but the RipRow™ gives you an even better workout in less time.

On a RipRow™ you:

Balance on an unstable surface

This engages your core and keeps your whole system young and awake. A traditional rower is stable and … not like real life.

Support your body weight

This increases the training load on your legs and hips. On a traditional rower you’re sitting. Sitting is the new smoking!

Control the resistance

Set the dampers anywhere from very light to very heavy. Yes, ours go to 11. 

Perform every type of interval and strength work.

Enjoy a variety of movements

Rock some ShredLifts, LowRows and RipRows. Add one-legged and one-armed variations, then start leaning and rotating like you do when turning a bike, skis or snowboard. RipRow™ movements mimic real-world work and sports, and they make you stronger than ever. 

On a traditional rower, all you can do it pull the handle then slide forward. Again. And Again. And again. This is practical when ... you end up in a boat at an Ivy League regatta. 

Develop your whole body

Compared to traditional rower, which only works the pull motion, a RipRow™ gives you a more complete, functional workout. RipRow your legs, butt, abs, lower back, mid/upper back, chest, shoulders and arms. Get it done fast, then get back to Life.

Are not sitting!

Don't you sit enough already? You sit at work and in your car. Why go to the gym and sit there too? Skip the old-school, sitting, uni-lateral rower ... and RipRow instead. 

Lee McCormack is a world renowned mountain bike skills author and instructor, as well as the inventor of RipRow™. You can reach him at and


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