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Do you need the RipRow pedals and seat?

Do you need the RipRow pedals and seat?

To RipRow with the pedals and seat? That is the question.

When you’re choosing your RipRow, you can get the base model, the model with pedals or the model with pedals and seat. Here’s a bit more info to help you make your choice.


The RipRow pedals can be positioned side by side in the middle, in a bike stance with your right or left foot forward, or with both pedals forward or backward.

Standing on the pedals improves your balance, coordination and core strength. When you position the pedals like your favorite sport, every RipRow minute is maximally impactful. When you ride a bike or moto, you’re balancing on pedals or footpegs, amiright?

Pro tip: When you’re racing a motocross motorcycle through the whoops, the pivot point of the motorcycle is in front of the footpegs. The Husqvarna and KTM team riders RipRow with both pedals in the rear positions. KTM's Marvin Musquin:

Buy the pedals if: You are serious about your bike or motocross training.

Consider buying two pairs of pedals. This makes it easy to switch stances between left foot forward and right foot forward. 


The RipRow seat height can be adjusted to match the height of your bike saddle while you’re descending. Learning to move around the seat is a huge part of riding a mountain bike downhill, pumping terrain, hopping, jumping, cornering and other shred skills.

Without the seat, it’s easy to get lazy and slip into a squat (characterized by your quads burning and your seat hitting your butt). This is terrible riding technique! The RipRow seat helps keep you in a perfect hinge or “attack” position. Specialized/Red Bull's Curtis Keene:

Pro tip: When you extend into a deep hinge, as if you're riding down a steep pitch, get so low the seat touches your sternum. By expanding your range of motion, you ride better and safer on gnarly terrain. 

Buy the seat if: You want your RipRow training to prepare you exactly for bike riding.

Don’t buy the pedals and seat if you’re using the RipRow for general training. If you’re not worried about your performance on a bike or motorcycle, you’ll be fine without the pedals and seat.

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