March 3, 2024:
After 10 years and 1,100 units sold, I have decided to stop making RipRows.

Behold the all-powerful yet benevolent RipRow v1. We sold 1,000 of these. If you want one, watch eBay or break into the Smithsonian and steal one.

What is the RipRow?

The RipRow, first and foremost, is a tool that teaches and trains the pumping aka row/anti-row movement that underlies all great riding. My day job is mountain bike skills coach. These days I only teach two physical skills: 1) pedaling and 2) pumping. Everything we do on the bike comes from these two macro skills. This lets us lean heavily into mind and sprit, where all the really good stuff happens. Pretty cool. 

This v1 has the optional seat assembly. Using the RipRow feels just like riding downhill — but you can practice at home. Even when I had no shoulder joints (as in this photo), muscle memory and strength from RipRow allowed me to ride at a satisfying level.

RipRow is also and more importantly a full-body, integrated training tool that develops cardio fitness, mobility, strength, balance and coordination. It is the perfect at-home training tool for a busy person. Too bad the fitness industry is so set in its ways.

I used to lead RipRow workouts at Specialized Boulder. So fun. Thank you Specialized!

E and I love to run a lap, do some RipRow, repeat. Another great protocol is spin on the trainer, do some RipRow, repeat. There are so many ways to use this machine. Here you see RipRow v2, which was designed to be as simple as possible and cut the price in half. It’s my personal favorite and what I train on most days.

Where did RipRow come from?

RipRow came from the deterioration of my shoulders and my deep desire to understand how bikes and bodies should ideally relate with each other. This exploration led to the RipRow, my mountain bike fitting system and my mountain bike skills system. The latter are available in the book Dialed and at

Reviews are so good it’s not even funny. Outside Magazine said RipRow is “… the best thing to happen to mountain bike–specific training, perhaps ever.”

Lars Thomsen from Trail Head Cyclery in Cupertino, CA uses RipRow as a mountain bike sizing tool for his customers. The Dialed approach is so simple! Maybe too simple for people to believe.

The KTM and Husqvarna factory motocross teams train on RipRow. It helps them dial in their technique and strength in the safety of the gym.

Why am I moving on?

From the first epiphany to now, I’ve been working on RipRow for 10 years. 1,100 RipRows are out there in the world making people fitter, faster and happier. That makes me happy. 

I have been called to do the work I am made to do.

  1. Spiritual teaching using the mountain bike as the vehicle. The paradox is that you learn to shred way easier and faster because we are using the whole you, not just your analytical mind, which sucks at sports. If you just want to learn about bike fit and shredding, I can help with that too.
  2. Mountain bikes! Based on all my experience with RipRow, bike fit and teaching, I’m designing bikes to help people ride easier, safer and more joyfully. Forget the trends — these bikes just plain work better for most riders. Stay tuned.

How has RipRow helped me?

RipRow taught me many things about design, engineering, marketing, and business. I feel like it filled in some educational gaps so I’m more ready for what’s next. Even more so:

  1. It added years to my shoulders. They’d worn out to the point where I could barely ride. I thought I’d go back to software design, but I intuitively knew I was missing something about how bikes and bodies should relate to each other. RipRow taught me how to move properly. Despite my complete lack of shoulder joints, I was able to keep riding and teaching. I won some mountain bike races too!
  2. It’s an integral part of my entire system of mountain bike fit, skills and training. They were all invented together. Without the RipRow we’d all be riding like we were 20 years ago (in the overly complicated way other MTB coaches still teach). 
  3. It saved my life. During the invention and formation of RipRow I went through the hardest, darkest, most challenging period of my life. RipRow gave me something to focus on, first in my body learning the movements, then in my mind learning how to design, manufacture, assemble, fulfill and run this kind of business. Without RipRow, I might not be here. So that’s pretty cool.

Me as a newly minted RIpRow CEO, ready to save the world from weak cores and poor riding form.

If you know me personally or seen me perform on stage, it won’t shock you that I wrote a poem:

Goodbye my friend RipRow
Thank you my friend.
You saved me. 
I needed a place to go, and you took me deep.
You kept my body going.
You kept my soul going.
You carried me through the darkest time of my life.
You taught me many lessons. 
I thought you were a gift for everyone
but you were mostly for me.
And I am grateful.
It is time to move on.
Time to do the things you have prepared me for.
Thank you my friend RipRow.

What about replacement parts?

RipRows are so overbuilt it’s not even funny. We have an NFL linebacker beating on one, and let me tell you: No mountaiin biker is gonna break it. As long as you’re reasonable in your handling of the machine, it will last forever. All fasteners and grip tape can be found at your local Ace Hardware (support local business). 

The only special wear item is the dampers. They degrade just like your bike suspension. If you RipRow a lot I suggest new dampers once a year. The difference is remarkable, like getting your suspension serviced. 

Buy replacement dampers here >>>

What about the workouts?

How-to videos and workouts are at the legacy RipRow site. If you like something, please save it because that site will be turned off.

Do you want to make RipRows?

RipRow is a fantastic product, but I was the person to invent it, not run the business. I’m made to do other things, and that’s what I’m going to do.

I have the patent and CAD files for multiple versions and upgrades, plus sourcing and a newsletter list. If you want to make some RipRows email me at, and let’s work it out.

Want to learn more? Search Google for riprow. There’s a ton of info, reviews and videos out there. Enjoy!

I hope you all find joy on and off your bikes.


Lee McCormack