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RipRow v2 with Pro Upgrade Kit

RipRow v2 with Pro Upgrade Kit

RipRow v2 with Pro Upgrade Kit


Dec. 18, 2022

Hello friends.

We have finalized the RipRow v2 design, both for the base unit and the Pro Upgrade Kit. I'm going to test one more round of prototypes to make sure everything is dialed, then I'll pull the trigger on our first production run.

I expect to be shipping in January. If you want one of the new machines, please pre-order here.

Be well,


Hello friends,

I’m so excited to announce RipRow v2! For maybe the first time in the bike industry (and perhaps our consumer culture), someone has taken a successful product, assessed what’s critical about its design, identified what isn’t necessary then redesigned the whole thing so it’s easier to produce and costs LESS!

Yes! You heard that right. This redesigned RipRow does everything you need it to do, and the full model shown here costs $400 less than RipRow v1, which retails for $1,599.

I hope RipRow helps you ride your best and stay in the best shape of your life.

Be well,

Lee McCormack
(RipRow inventor and the Lee from Lee Likes Bikes)

What you need to know

Made in the USA, here in ColoRADo, by real people being paid real wages. We’ve sourced every part from domestic sources except the dampers, which come from Asia. As soon as an American company makes a good damper, we’ll use that one. So yeah, RipRow is made in the USA by people who give a shit about their work. When you buy a RipRow, know you are supporting our communities.

Build pro-level muscle memory for great mountain biking. RipRow is basically a pump track that fits in a 2- by 3-foot footprint. Get your reps in the comfort of your home, then shred without thought. I had a killer pump track in my back yard, and I stopped training on it when I started RipRowing. The machine is way more effective.

Improve all of your critical riding skills: pumping, pump-manualing, hopping, dropping, jumping, technical climbing, sprinting, cornering (with the Pro Upgrade Kit; see below) and more. Climb faster and easier, with no more back pain. Descend faster and smoother — with no more arm pump and quad burn!

Adjustable to fit RipRowers from about 4’10” (147cm) to 6’8″ (203cm) tall.

Create and maintain a strong, enduring body that works better in all areas of your life. RipRow can be seen as a rowing machine, but one you have to stand and balance on, and that works your entire body (not just your puling muscles, like a traditional rowing machine). It’s way more useful!

5-year warranty against defects. Cosmetic imperfections or shipping damage are not covered. If you use the machine so much you wear out the main pivot congratulations: We’ll replace the affected part at our cost. The dampers are a wear item; if you use the RipRow a lot, you can expect to get about a year out of a set of dampers.

Perform better off the bike. When you RipRow, you’re getting a complete workout: legs, hips, core, back, chest, shoulders, arms, cardio, balance and coordination. This makes you a more effective human. The RipRow creates insane strength, control and endurance in your hips and core. This helps you perform even better during … let’s say … activities among consenting adults.

Lots of how-to videos and workouts are at the RipRow site.

Pro Upgrade Kit

Make your RipRow v2 training even more challenging (and beneficial) with the RipRow v2 Pro Upgrade Kit.

The Pro Upgrade Kit includes:

Four pedal platforms. These can be positioned in bike or motocross or horse stance. They add significant work for your calves and core (just like real riding), and make RipRowing more realistic. 

A rocker kit. These rockers attach to the ends of the base, and they are tied together with an aluminum brace. They require you to balance side to side and forward to back, just like when you ride a bike or motorcycle or horse or whatever it is you ride. Even if you're not a rider, the integrated core stability and overall athleticism make this upgrade very worthwhile. Made right here in ColoRADo.

Note from the testing lab: I've done a ton of training on the base RipRow v2 without rockers, and I love the simplicity of the machine. That alone is a killer workout. But when I get back on v1 with the rockers, I notice I've lost some balance. So I believe the rockers are a good idea if you can afford them. You can either order them with your RipRow v2 as a full kit (at $50 discount), or you can order them a la carte any time at this page. 

We are not offering a rotating handlebar assembly for RipRow v2. It isn't needed, even to practice cornering, and for most people it is a distraction. Plus it adds needless cost. 


Color: The planned color is black powder coat with white graphics.

Footprint: 2 by 3 feet (61 x 91 cm)

Weight: 35 pounds

Material: Aluminum base and frame with stainless steel handlebar

Resistance: Separate dampers for pull and push resistance. Adjustable from very light (#1) to rather heavy (#12). RipRow can be used for any combination of endurance or strength work.

Handlebar: 820mm, with a wide range of hand positions to fit most people. The surface is knurled like a barbell. Soft hands might enjoy gloves. But we suggest building your callouses while you build your muscles.

Location: Place your RipRow on a flat, soft surface that you’re not worrying about scratching: carpet, rug, yoga mat, grass, perfectly moist loam, the roof rack on your sick 4×4 Sprinter van.

U.S. patent number 10,071,298.

All specifications are subject to change. We are constantly working to improve everything we do.


These reviews are for RipRow v1. The function is the same with v2, but the price is a lot lower!

Outside Magazine: “… the best thing to happen to mountain bike–specific training, perhaps ever.”

The Pro’s Closet: “I’ve found that consistent RipRow training improves my confidence on the trail. … I’ve also found myself seeing these same movements when watching videos of my favorite pro riders. From Tahnee Seagrave to Danny MacAskill, I think all pro MTB riders use a combination of the strength, speed, and mobility you can develop on the RipRow to master their respective disciplines. … I bet that some top-level pros are privately using the RipRow as a secret training weapon behind the scenes.” That’s true! And it’s used by top motocross racers (in secret).

Amazon: Among many, “I am amazed at what the RipRow is and surprised something like this had not been invented before. A legit full body workout including pushing, pulling squatting, back, core, balance, cardio and more. Spin bikes only work the legs, row machines only work 1/2 the body (Pulling), but this thing is everything I need all in one. I really like it!”

MTBR.com: “If you can afford one piece of training equipment to help build all body strength for mountain biking, this is by far the best,” and “I love mine ! I have had it over a year and it is the only exercise equipment I own that has never turned into a clothes rack. … The motion with hip hinge and pushing and pulling against resistance is the closeted you can get to technical mountain biking. … I do not ride very much at all with full time job and commuting. But when I can ride, I feel great.”

SYD and MACKY: These famous mountain bike racers and YouTubers use RipRow as an integral part of their training.

Facebook: “The RipRow has helped me get stronger and more fluid on the bike. I find the workouts enjoyable, and like how easy it is to get in a fast and effective full-body workout. When I hit the trails, I find myself doing cool new things I’ve never done before. The RipRow has been one of the best upgrades I’ve ever made to my riding, and things keep getting better” and more.

TrainerRoad forum: “I like it, I’m glad I bought it, and I’m going to keep using it. I had an AWESOME summer of mountain biking (previously everything I did on the MTB was fitness based, I’m trying to improve handling/skills). … I do think it helped with overall strength and body position. One big thing that I noticed immediately when I started riding in the spring is how much better my legs felt on long descents. My forward quad (that is, the quad on my forward leg) used to BURN after a couple of minutes descending; I used to look for any short mellow section of trail to stand tall and take a break. No more. I can now rip all of my local trails without a second thought, and I spent three days in the Whistler bike park and my legs felt great. I attribute this directly to the rip row and the extra time spent in the descending position.”

Enduro MTB Training: “RipRow will be a big player in human performance on and off the bike!”

Mountain Bike Action Magazine said “As far as indoor fitness goes, this is about as close as we’ve seen to an at-home pump track simulator. This would be an excellent addition to any rider’s home gym, especially if you’re looking for something to keep that magical ‘mountain bike kung fu’ feeling sharp in the dead of winter.”

What about the RipRow app?

We all live on computers and phones. I’ve decided not to contribute to that mess. RipRow helps you connect with your body, mind and spirit. Listen to music or watch POV downhill runs, but please please please pay more attention to yourself than the screen.

I enjoy training with a simple timer. After decades of focused training, I know my heart rate by feel.