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RipRow v2 Pro Upgrade Kit

RipRow v2 Pro Upgrade Kit

RipRow v2 Pro Upgrade Kit


Dec. 18, 2022

Hello friends.

We have finalized the RipRow v2 design, both for the base unit and the Pro Upgrade Kit. I'm going to test one more round of prototypes to make sure everything is dialed, then I'll pull the trigger on our first production run.

I expect to be shipping in January. If you want one of the new machines, please pre-order here.

Be well,


Make your RipRow v2 training even more challenging (and beneficial) with the RipRow v2 Pro Upgrade Kit.

The Pro Upgrade Kit includes:

Four pedal platforms. These can be positioned in bike or motocross or horse stance. They add significant work for your calves and core (just like real riding), and make RipRowing more realistic. 

A rocker kit. These rockers attach to the ends of the base, and they are tied together with an aluminum brace. They require you to balance side to side and forward to back, just like when you ride a bike or motorcycle or horse or whatever it is you ride. Even if you're not a rider, the integrated core stability and overall athleticism make this upgrade very worthwhile. Made right here in ColoRADo.

Note from the testing lab: I've done a ton of training on the base RipRow v2 without rockers, and I love the simplicity of the machine. That alone is a killer workout. But when I get back on v1 with the rockers, I notice I've lost some balance. So I believe the rockers are a good idea if you can afford them. You can either order them with your RipRow v2 as a full kit (at $50 discount), or you can order them a la carte any time at this page. 

-- Lee