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Update Nov. 8, 2017: The first production run is being built right now in ColoRADo. I'm pushing hard to start shipping units in December. We are spending the time and money to make sure we deliver a dialed product!

The first people to order RipRows will be the first to get them. Made in the USA. Assembled in Boulder. Guaranteed to get make you strong and fast.

International RipRowers: If the shopping cart doesn't work for your country, please email lee@riprow.com with your address. I'll get you a shipping quote. 

Get Faster while you Get Stronger.

RipRow™ is the ultimate training tool for every mountain bike, BMX and motocross rider, and it's one of the most complete workouts you can do.

What does RipRow™ do for you? 

  • Perfects the fundamental movements that underlie all great mountain bike, BMX and motocross riding. Teach the lizard who runs your body how to climb, descend and shred — all perfectly. 
  • Improves your core strength, coordination and balance.
  • Increases range of motion in your hips and shoulders. 
  • Develops deep endurance for long days on the bike, horse or playing field.
  • Builds real-world, usable strength for your sport and Life. 
  • Burns tons of calories in a short amount of time. 

RipRow™ features 

  • Easily adjustable. Fits riders from XXS to XXL.
  • Push and pull resistance is provided by adjustable hydraulic dampers. Set your challenge anywhere from very light to very heavy. Ours go to 12. 
  • Unstable. The RipRocker base encourages you to stay alert and balanced (unlike an exercise bike or old-school rower).
  • Lockable handlebars. Let the bars rotate to imitate bike riding or lock them straight for advanced core training. 
  • Portable. Easily disassembles for transport and storage. Approved for #vanlife. 
  • Feels like your bike. The optional seat mast mimics bicycle and motorcycle riding. Seat can be set to your riding height. 
  • Universal. Wide handlebars with proprietary RipRow™ grips fit more than 90% of adults, as well as many kids. 
  • Versatile platforms. Stand on the deck or use the optional pedals to replicate your bike and moto stances. Practice with your opposite foot forward. 
  • Sturdy. Built with strong 5052 aluminum. Dramatically over-engineered and over-built to last forever.
  • 5-year warranty on frame and deck with normal use. 1-year warranty on everything (cosmetics excluded). 
  • Patent pending. 
  • All specifications are subject to change. 


Weight: ~ 40 pounds

Deck: 36.3 x 24.1 x 6.9 inches

Frame: Fits riders sizes XXS to XXL

Handlebars: 800mm wide with extra-long RipRow™ grips

Effective grip widths: 680-800 mm (this is the distance between the outsides of the rider's hands)

Seatpost: Adjustable with quick-release lever

Dampers: Sealed hydraulic units with 12 levels of resistance


As of July 11, 2017 we are receiving samples from potential fabricators, and we are testing the heck out of the final design. We expect to pull the trigger on our first production run by the end of summer.