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RipRow is the world's first standing rowing machine. With it you:

  • Stand on your feet. 
  • Maintain balance. 
  • Pull and push. 
  • Develop your arms, shoulders, core, butt and legs. 
  • Choose from 12 resistance levels. RipRow light for cardio fitness, RipRow heavy for strength, or RipRow medium for a combination of cardio and strength. 
  • Burn fat and build muscle. 
  • Get a complete. low-impact workout very quickly.
  • Improve the essential movements that we use for daily chores, playing with kids, working in the yard, moving furniture, biking, skiing, climbing, kayaking, and many other activities. RipRow better, live better. 

Dee Tidwell is a highly respected fitness trainer. He helps elite athletes as well as regular people play and live better. Here's what he says about RipRow:

One machine with many benefits

A typical "complete" workout consists of some mobility; some cardio (bike, treadmill, sitting rower, etc.); squats, deadlifts and lunges for your legs; rows, pulldowns and presses for your upper body; then some planks, crunches and twists for your core. Each exercise requires a different piece of equipment (which probably means a gym membership), and the program will takes at least an hour.

RipRow does all of those things — cardio, squats, deadlifts, lunges, core work, pulling and pushing — all at once. Best of all, each exercise is a fully integrated, functional movement. You check all the boxes in a tiny amount of space and less than 20 minutes. 


A typical "complete" workout consists 

  1. Cardio on a treadmill, bike, seated rower, etc.
  2. Squat, deadlift (aka hinge) and lunge
  3. Pull
  4. Push
  5. Multi-planar core stabilization
  6. Rotation 
  7. Cardiovascular capacity and endurance

With RipRow you accomplish all of these goals with one machine, at once— in a tiny amount of space and time. 

For RipRow movements and workouts, check out How2RipRow >>> 

Sitting is the new smoking

Most of us sit while working, sit while driving and sit while relaxing. All this sitting makes us tight, makes us fat, makes us weak, makes us live with pain, and makes us unable to enjoy sports and life.

Why sit when you exercise? Stationary bikes and traditional rowers have their place, but not as cornerstones of complete, functional exercise habits. 

It's time to step up. Step up to RipRow. 

Stoked RipRowers

Step up to RipRow. 

How does RipRow compare to a traditional rower?

 RipRow Traditional rower
Cardio fitness
Pull resistance
Push resistance
Squat, deadlift and lunge
Variety of exercises
Strength training
Multiplanar movement
Improves performance in sports and everyday life